Silk Scarf

Silk Scarf by Pam Cox

Each meeting of the Seattle Weavers' Guild features a segment called "Hot Off the Loom". During this time members display and explain work they have recently done. In January, 2019, member Pam Cox spoke about a scarf she wove based on an 8 harness design in the January/February 2019 Handwoven, originally designed by Sandra Hutton. The warp is natural 20/2 silk and a silk with a slight slub as well as narrow stripes of hand dyed 20/2 silk, all set at 30 epi. The weft is hand dyed 20/2 silk. The structure is an advancing twill that is easy to weave and moves the colors diagonally across the cloth. She thinks it would be nice with a painted warp moving the color vertically as well as diagonally. The scarf has a lovely hand and silky shine.