Anemone by Marilyn Moore

The Seattle Weavers' Guild meets on the fourth Thursday of the month, with exceptions for holidays and the summer break. If you are interested in guild membership or a particular program we invite you to join us. Visitors are always welcome. Meetings are located in Bloedel Hall, behind St. Mark's Cathedral: 1245 10th Ave East, Seattle, WA.

The meeting starts at 10am, followed by "Hot Off the Loom" (members exhibit their latest work), and the morning program. Program speakers typically bring woven samples to accompany their talks, which are displayed on tables in front of the stage. After a lunch break at noon, the afternoon program follows, sometimes a hands-on project.

  • 9am - 2pm - Library open (SWG members may check out materials)
  • 10am to 12 noon - Business Meeting, "Hot Off the Loom", Morning Program
  • 12 noon - Lunch
  • 1pm to 2pm - Afternoon program

For more information about Seattle Weavers' Guild Programs, contact

Photo by Marilyn Moore

September 28, 2017 - Rosalie Neilson

Morning Program - The Power of Blocks

Block designs consist of black and white blocks on grid paper, where black is considered the pattern block and white the background block. Learn how weavers interpret block designs in color and texture in a variety of different weave structures. Find out how one weaver used the binary number system and the textures of 4-shaft shaft huck lace to develop the definitive number of two-block designs, and how these simple designs become the building blocks of more elaborate designs. The lecture illustrates the construction and deconstruction of complex designs by showing how to use the printed design pages and transparent overlays from the newly completed book An Exaltation of Blocks by Rosalie Neilson.

Afternoon Program — Kumihimo – From Defense to Decoration

This slide lecture presents a history of Japan through the perspective of kumihimo or plaited silk cords. It traces the historical development of Japanese plaited cords from fossilized remains in grave mounds to the exotic Samurai era when silk cords were used to lace together the warrior's armor. It also explores the current fashion trends using cords as obijime (an integral part of securing the obi and kimono) as well as decorative neckpieces. In addition to the slides taken in Japan and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there are also slides taken by a professional advertising photographer in Kyoto, documenting past fashions in kimono and obi. The samurai slides will include the recent exhibit of armor at the Portland Art Museum.

Rosalie Neilson

Website: https://

I have always been fascinated with color. One of my earliest childhood memories is peering into the throats of tulips, marveling at the satin-sheen of red, yellow, and black. My love of color comes from being raised in Oregon. During the majority of the year, nature appears in shades of green, blue, and grey. In this softly lit environment of neutrals, bright colors stand out in sharp contrast.

Rosalie Neilson loves using color and geometric design in her weavings and kumihimo braiding. An avid designer and teacher, she was featured in a 2-hour DVD by Interweave Press called Rep Weave. She publishes regularly in weaving and braiding journals and maintains an active teaching schedule throughout the United States, Canada, and England. Her curiosity about unique patterns lead her to publish two recent books. One is for kumihimo enthusiasts called Kongo Gumi: A Cacophony of Spots – Coils – Zags – Lines featuring 1,157 unique 2-color patterns for the kumihimo braid structure Kongo Gumi. The other book is for designers and weavers interested in symmetric block designs called An Exaltation of Blocks. It is a two volume set featuring a toolkit of design pages and transparent overlays for developing 4- to 8-block patterns.

Past Programs

2016 - 2017


Jane Stafford Morning Jane's Big Adventure to India
Afternoon Jane's Big Adventure to Africa
October Marilyn Moore Morning Wire as Fiber: Where Inspiration Meets Technique, Color, Form and Texture
December Robyn Spady Morning Couture Passementerie Through the Eyes of a Fiber Artist
Afternoon How to Create Couture Braids
January Kelly Marshall Morning Weaving by Design
Afternoon Designing in Rep
February Kathrin Weber Morning Seeing Color in Everything
Afternoon From Thread to Fabric
March Anastasia Azure Morning Dimensional Double-Cloth
Afternoon Weaving with Fishing Line
April Barbara Herbster Morning Understanding Supplementary Warp: Creating and Developing Designs for Handwoven Cloth
Afternoon LENO Yesterday’s Design, Today’s Application
May Elizabeth Buckley Morning From Idea to Woven Form
Afternoon The Element of Light in Tapestry
Summer Kathleen Carpenter Locker Hooking

2015 - 2016


Sarah H. Jackson Morning One Thread at a Time; A Weaver's Journey
Afternoon Sample is Not a Four-Letter Word!
October Anita Osterhaug Morning Weaving in the Digital Age
December Melanie Burgess Morning The Art of Costume Design and Fabric Modification
Marcy Johnson Afternoon Wheat Ornaments
January Giovanna Imperia Morning Weaving with Unusual Materials
Afternoon Braiding with Wire
February Jette Vandermeiden Morning The Noble Napkin
Afternoon Blocks and Profiles
March JoAnn Bachelder Morning Towels: Transcending Tradition
Afternoon Transcending Tradition continued
April Sandra Swarbrick Morning John Landes Sample Project
Afternoon Plaid Llama Sale
May Inge Dam Morning Fashion Show
Afternoon Threading and Turning Defined Patterns
Summer Kathleen M Hewitt with Barbara B. Suess Temari - Long Live the Chrysanthemum!

2014 - 2015


Elaine Palmer Morning The Making of ‘Interlaced’
Afternoon Photographing and Styling Handwovens
October Polly Adams Sutton Morning Sardinian Basketry
December Jan Paul Morning The Art of Japanese Paper Weaving
Marilyn Romatka Afternoon Baumschmuck ‘Tree Jewelry’
January Madelyn van der Hoogt Morning On the Shoulders of Giants
Afternoon Tips and Tricks for Weavers
February Tien Chiu Morning Evolving Designs
Afternoon Wedding Adventures
March Dianne Totten Morning Cone to Clothing
Afternoon Commenting on Crimp
April Daryl Lancaster Morning Parallel Threads that Parallel Life
Afternoon Color and Inspiration
May John Marshall Morning Dealing with What's Been Dealt
Afternoon Treasure and More Treasures: John Marshall Trunk Show
Summer Flóra Carlile Kovács   Make a Felted Pouch