SWG Workshops

SWG Workshops

Seattle Weavers Guild Workshops 2018-2019

Estimated costs for all workshops will soon be shown below after locations and room reservations are secured. You may register in person at a Guild meeting or by e-mail to workshops@seattleweaversguild.com starting September 27, 2018.

An $80, non-refundable deposit is due within 30 days of registration to hold your place. (Exception: the deposit for Swedish Bandweaving is just $50 because it is a one-day class.) Estimated costs reflect uncertainty in travel costs and the minimum and maximum number of participants. The Guild offers 8 to 10 scholarships per year for workshops. Please check the Guild website for more information.

Thinking of taking a workshop? Click here to download the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for workshops.


Unlock the Block with Janet Dawson

Website: http://www.weaverspalette.com/ See also https://www.craftsy.com/weaving/classes/floor-loom-weaving/35707/and https://www.facebook.com/thebobbintree/
Date: Friday-Sunday, January 25-27, 2019
Location: TBD
Estimated cost: TBD

Grab the keys to unlock the world of profile drafts, block weaves, and unit weaves, opening new vistas in cloth construction and design. Discover the relationship between profile drafts and weave structures, and how to apply one to the other. Learn to convert a motif into a profile threading, treadling and tie-up, and convert that profile into a variety of weave structures. Weave a round-robin of samples to further your understanding.
Suitable for weaving at 'beyond-beginning' level.
Requires a floor or table loom with at least four shafts.

Joy of Color with Sarah Saulson

Website: http://www.sarahsaulson.com/
Date: Saturday-Sunday, March 2-3, 2019
Location: North Seattle or Edmonds
Estimated cost: TBD

Sarah is well known in the world of weaving: she has written regularly for Handwoven Magazine, and her projects are included in a number of Interweave publications. This is not a round robin: each student works at their own loom, methodically exploring various aspects of color relationships as they function in weaving to better understand the connections between color and weave interlacements, textures, and scale. The class can accommodate all levels of weavers, from beginning to advanced. Requires a floor or table loom with at least four shafts.

Swedish Band Weaving with Joanne Hall

Date: Friday, March 29, 2019
Location: TBD
Estimated cost: TBD

Weave bands without a loom on a pre-warped band threaded in a hole and slot rigid heddle band reed, called a "band grind" in Swedish. This class will include colorful plain weave patterning and pick up weaves to add another pattern dimension. Learning to warp the heddle reed is included in this class. You will have your own "band grind" and shuttle to take with you to continue weaving these beautiful bands.
This class is suitable for both beginners and more advanced weavers.
No loom is required.

Swedish Art Weaves with Joanne Hall

Date: Saturday-Sunday, March 30-31, 2019
Location: TBD
Estimated cost: TBD

Learn to weave beautiful, colorful Swedish art weaves, which have flourished in southern Sweden. Runners, hangings, bench covers and pillow tops are woven in a combination of techniques, so beautiful, colorful and intricate that they became possessions of great pride in the family. Participants will weave a sampler of the most popular art weaves, Halvkrabba, Krabba, Rölakan, Dukagäng and Munkabälte. To weave these all in one sampler, some techniques are woven by saving the picked up sheds with the use of half heddle sticks and a batten. This makes the weaving progress quickly. Plus, weaving them in this way gives the weaver more flexibility in their designing.
This class is suitable for Intermediate weavers. Some four shaft weaving experience is helpful
A four shaft table or workshop loom, at least 24 inches loom in DEPTH is required. Very small table looms are difficult to use. Optional: a counterbalance or countermarch loom has advantages for weaving a couple of these techniques.

Bhutanese Weaving with Wendy Garrity

Website: https://textiletrails.com.au
Date: Friday-Sunday, April 26-28, 2019
Location: TBD
Estimated cost: TBD

In this workshop, Wendy Garrity will introduce students to sapma and thrima, the supplementary weft techniques used to create kushutara, the sumptuous single-faced brocade used for women's festival dresses in Bhutan. Participants will explore traditional Bhutanese motifs and begin to combine the five basic stitches to weave these motifs and to experiment with their own designs. Participants will have the opportunity to examine samples of Bhutanese kushutara cloth and learn to identify how different patterns are created, to enable them to continue their own explorations after the workshops.
Although kushutara is woven in Bhutan with a pickup stick and fine silk yarns, class participants will learn using more substantial yarn that can be manipulated with the fingers, increasing the ground we can cover during this workshop.
Students should be able to weave plain weave with confidence and successfully dress a loom.
Students may use a floor loom, table loom, or rigid heddle loom. Backstrap looms may also be accommodated, depending on the particular room arrangements

Turned Beiderwand: One Threading, Multiple Structures with Karen Donde

Website: https://karendondehandwovens.com
Date: Friday-Saturday, May 24-25, 2019
Location: TBD
Estimated cost: TBD

Turning a beiderwand draft creates clean pattern blocks, better drape and faster, one- shuttle weaving than its traditional supplementary weft method. The resulting threading also adapts easily to weave other structures. Students will warp with a supplementary warp and weave samples, learning how to turn a draft and make do without a second warp beam. For 8 shafts.


Mini-Workshops are informal teaching opportunities offered by SWG members on a volunteer basis. It is one way that our membership shares information with each other. Mini-workshops generally last a few hours, an afternoon or a morning. It's a one-time shot, with no teaching fees and no rental fees. Given by guild members for guild members, Mini-Workshops are a wonderful benefit of SWG membership. It is also an excellent way to meet a few others who share common interests.