SWG Workshops

SWG Workshops

Seattle Weavers Guild Workshops 2017-2018

Estimated costs and loom requirements for all workshops will soon be shown below. You may register in person at a Guild meeting or by e-mail to workshops@seattleweaversguild.com. We recommend e-mail.

An $80, non-refundable deposit is due within 30 days of registration to hold your place. Estimated costs reflect uncertainty in travel costs and the minimum and maximum number of participants. The Guild offers 8 to 10 scholarships per year for workshops, please check the Guild website for more information.

Thinking of taking a workshop? Click here to download the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for workshops.


Kris Abshire

Serendipity In A Cup~Color Essence For Handweavers

Date: April 21-22, 2018 (Saturday and Sunday before the Guild meeting)
Location: Art Works, 201 2nd Ave S, Edmonds (intersection with Dayton Ave)
Estimated cost: TBD

From the soft, muted watercolor effects of Monet to the bright, brilliant color contrast of Van Gogh, to clear and crisp edged images as in Matisse, this workshop will provide methods and techniques for applying permanent, colorfast dyes and paints to the handwoven cloth. With a "no limits" design approach in color application to both warp and weft available only to handweavers, we will explore various techniques of precise imagery as well as the freedom of serendipitous "gay abandon".

Through class discussion, instructor-provided samples, slides and hands-on experimentation, students will learn to use basic color theory in their design considerations as they relate to color interplay in weave structure and preparation of surface design elements before, during and after weaving. Learning about compatible dyes as they apply to silk and protein fibers, mixing color "primaries" to achieve their chosen "palette", applying and setting the dyes in class, students will ultimately finish their own uniquely "painted" handwoven masterpiece.

Ruby Leslie

Bumberet: A Weaver's Recipe for 4-Shaft Ribs and Chicken Feet. A round robin workshop with custom-wound warps supplied by Ruby

Website: http://www.rubyleslie.com/
Date: May 25-26, 2018 (Friday and Saturday)
Location: Phinney Neighborhood Association, 6532 Phinney Ave N, Brick Bldg Room 31, Seattle
Estimated cost: TBD

Hungry for a hearty and versatile weave structure? This 4-shaft weave structure is a delight to work with. It is usually thought of as a warp dominant textured weave producing ribs (or chains), but it can also be woven as a flat cloth with a chevron pattern (there's your chicken feet). Ruby will explain various ways to set up the threading, tie-up and treadling to produce a variety of patterns. Learn how to introduce complex color patterns in a weave structure that is not often thought of as an example of "color and weave" and you're on your way to designing unique cloth! Various methods for winding complex color patterns without a paddle will be demonstrated as well as how to design yarn wrappings that are great tools to sample warp color relationships.


Mini-Workshops are informal teaching opportunities offered by SWG members on a volunteer basis. It is one way that our membership shares information with each other. Mini-workshops generally last a few hours, an afternoon or a morning. It's a one-time shot, with no teaching fees and no rental fees. Given by guild members for guild members, Mini-Workshops are a wonderful benefit of SWG membership. It is also an excellent way to meet a few others who share common interests.