Scarf by Carol Thompson


Each meeting of the Seattle Weavers' Guild features a segment called "Hot Off the Loom". During this time members display and explain work they have recently done. In February, 2020, member Carol Thompson spoke about a sample piece she had completed in preparation for weaving a jacket.
"The scarf is an overshot pattern that I revised from a Marguerite Davison design. The warp and pattern weft yarn is 8/2 Brassard cotton and the tabby weft is 20/2 UPI mercerized cotton. The design is on 16 shafts and contains 4 blocks and sett at 16 epi. I wove the scarf as part of my Olds College Master Weaver Level 2 homework. Our color assignment this year included using colors from a color gamp so I based the design on a hummingbird in flight containing mixtures of all the primary and secondary colors with a black stripe separating the mixtures. The Overshot Roses are the flowers in a winding trellis of leaves with the Overshot Stars illustrating the hummingbirds flying around the flowers."