Towels for HGA Towel Exchange


Towels for an HGA Towel Exchange


Each meeting of the Seattle Weavers' Guild features a segment called 'Hot Off the Loom'. During this time members display and explain work they have recently done. Members also share their work through social media--Facebook, and Instagram.
In September Jane Hedberg showed towels she wove while participating in a towel exchange hosted by the Handweavers Guild of America. In August she sent in 5 towels and received 5 towels from around the country.
The structure is Diversified Plain Weave (DPW) using Madelyn Van der Hoogt's new method of designing DPW described in ''The Best of Weavers - Thick n Thin''. The towels required 8 harnesses. Both the warp and weft used 8/2 cotton for the thick yarn and 20/2 cotton for the thin yarn. The sett was 30 ends per inch in a 10 dent reed sleyed 2 thin and 1 thick in each dent. She finished the fabric by machine washing and drying. Resultant shrinkage was about 10%.