SWG Workshops

SWG Workshops

Seattle Weavers Guild Workshops 2021-2022

Workshops for 2021/22 will be listed here when contracts are signed. Stay tuned. Most workshops occur in the second half of the Guild year.

The Sign-up and Payment Process for Workshops:

When to Sign-up:
SWG members will have priority for the first two to four weeks. After that the workshops will be open to other weavers.

We will be announcing each workshop individually, ideally at least 60-90 days before it is scheduled to take place. When a workshop is announced, the payment amount and process will be included in the annoucement.


The Guild offers 8 to 10 scholarships per year for workshops. Please click here for more information.

Thinking of taking a workshop? Click here to download the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for workshops.


Mini-Workshops are informal teaching opportunities offered by SWG members on a volunteer basis. It is one way that our membership shares information with each other. Mini-workshops generally last a few hours, an afternoon or a morning. It's a one-time shot, with no teaching fees and no rental fees. Given by guild members for guild members, Mini-Workshops are a wonderful benefit of SWG membership. It is also an excellent way to meet a few others who share common interests. Mini-workshops are announced in the Bulletin (members only), at Guild meetings, and on the members' What's New Page of the Website. We are adjusting to the limitations imposed by the pandemic so look for announcements as the year progresses.